Sunday mornings at ACC are the main time we gather as a whole community to worship God together, learn together through inspired Bible teaching and share our lives together. The services include times of mainly contemporary  praise & worship, a brief slot for the children, intercessory prayers and then about 30 minutes of practical Bible teaching. We welcome anyone to join us for this time to listen to the voice of God, receive some inspiration for our lives and encourage one another as we face the many challenges of modern life. Afterwards we encourage everyone not to rush away but to join us in the cafe area for tea, coffee, biscuits and a chat.

During the latter part of the service there is a Creche, a Sunday School for nursery to P7 age children, and a Bible Class for S1 – S4’s

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Breakout kid’s club happens every Tuesday evening during term time. Activities regularly include lots of games, stories, crafts and a whole host of fun.

Whilst the club is going on, parents are welcome to stay and share in a hot drink and cake and chat in our coffee area.

Join us every Tuesday, during term-time, 6:45 – 7:45pm.








(& plenty of tea, coffee, cakes & biscuits for any parents who’d rather stay!)

Our Youth Club looks slightly different every week, but the main points are there every week: games, activities, tuck shop, banter. There is a charge of .50p each evening.

Every now and then we throw in the odd curve-ball just to stir things up a bit… This could be anything from football to consoles, from healthy eating to pizza, from a trip out to a big night in.


Prayer is an important part of the life of our church and we seek to meet together regularly to pray. Our prayer meetings often take different forms from silent reflection and meditation to guided prayer and petitioning for our church, our loved ones, our community and our world.

Prayer is also a key part in our small groups. We meet as a whole church once a month when our small groups come together. Keep an eye on our Small Groups page to know where to join us. Read More

Our small groups are designed to enhance our church life and help people form closer relationships with each other. Generally our focus of study continues on from our Sunday morning sermon.

The purpose of our groups are threefold:

  • – Spiritual growth through study of scripture and prayer
  • – Building of friendships and deepening of relationships
  • – Encouragement, care and mutual support


Currently we run a small group on a Wednesday evening, but we are hoping/ planning to run a second group on a Thursday evening, starting in January, once our current ALPHA course has finished.

Faith Foundations is a class we are offering every second Thursday evening for those who are interested in going deeper in their knowledge of God, developing a better understanding of the books of the Bible and learning how to think more theologically about our faith.

Faith Foundations

Faith Foundations is continuing this year, every second Wednesday evening, for those who are interested in going deeper in their knowledge of God, developing a better understanding of the books of the Bible and learning how to think more theologically about their faith.

Over the course of the year (from Sept. – June) we aim to go through a survey of all of the books of the New Testament as well as exploring, more deeply, the various aspects of the Christian faith and life. Even if you were unable to attend the course last year on the Old Testament, you are still very welcome to join us this year on our journey through the New.

Please note this is more of a discipleship class, it is not a small group. Each week there will be two teaching sections, handouts and even a bit of homework you will be encouraged to complete. There will also be time for interaction and discussion as a group around tea/ coffee.

Time: Wednesday’s 7:30 – 9:30pm

Location: Church Cafe Area

Dates - Themes (for 2016/17)

Month Date Theme
Sept. 15 Synoptic Gospels (Mark)
  29 Synoptic Gospels (Matthew)
 Oct.  13  Synoptic Gospels (Luke)
   27 Acts
Nov.  10 James & 1 Peter
  24 Galatians
 Dec.  8  1 & 2 Thessalonians
 Jan.  13 1 & 2 Corinthians
   27  Romans
 Feb. 9 Ephesians
   23 Colossians/Philemon
 Mar. 9 Philippians
   23 1 & 2 Timothy/Titus
 Apr. 13 Hebrews
   27 Gospel of John
 May 11 1 – 3 John
   25 2 Peter/Jude
 June 8 Revelation


“Care and Share” combines the best bits of our Foodbank and our Community Kitchen, providing a space where anyone can come and get some lunch, any food they might be in need of from the foodbank, and have the chance to make friends and to chat about absolutely anything, and find out about other local organisations who may be able to help each individual with the situations they find themselves in.

Every Thursday during term time there is an informal Parent and Toddlers group that meets in the church. With a large selection of toys for the children to play with and a friendly environment for both parent and child to come into and meet with other parents this group is an exciting place!

There is no need to register, and all we ask is for a £1.50 donation per adult to cover costs of refreshments and snacks for parents and children.

Parent & Toddlers Group meets every Thursday during the school term, from 1 – 2.30pm.

Children enjoy free play and a snack. Great opportunity to meet and chat with other parents of pre-schoolers. Cost is £1.50.



Lighthouse is our café which is open every Friday morning from 9.30 – 12 noon (except July & August).

We serve a variety of teas, coffees, hot chocolate and cold drinks to accompany our hard to resist home baking!

The styles and flavours of baking vary from week to week and include, scones, fruit loaves, tray bakes, meringues, biscuits, cookies and a variety of specialist cakes.

We can provide takeaway cups and containers if you don’t have time to sit and chat so why not come along and bring a friend. All we ask in payment is a donation, which will be used to benefit local and international charities!