Our Misson: “Changing Lives – Changing Communities”

This phrase captures the balance between what we desire to see take place within us as a community and what we desire to see happen through us in the wider diverse communities around us. It also reminds us that ultimately communities change as individual lives are changed. This phrase reminds us and keeps our focus on “community”, and it also lays stress on the fact that change is essential, ongoing and permanent. None of this can happen unless God is shaping and changing us by his Spirit.

Our Vision:

However, what will all of this look like as we seek to embrace it, communicate it and live it out? The diagram below hopefully will serve to helping one another visualize this mission statement and see how the key points of our vision statement fit together around this. As you can see we have identified six key words, all centred around the theme of communityworship – prayer – service – mission –caring – learning. Also, we see these being grouped into three categories: upward to God; inward to ourselves and outward to the world.